What Makes You Smile? ft. Rocksbox

When asked what makes you smile Meryl Winslow responds with- Running, food and being outside. She talks about how these things can set up the day for her and make her feel happy and feel good in her own skin. That is why I choose to shoot this months Rocksbox set in a beautiful field in New Jersey. It is the summer and I wanted to take advantage of the natural light warmth and beauty that we have here. 

Now for those of you who don't know what Rocksbox is... well get out from under that rock cause you should. (just kidding) Rocksbox is a lot like rent the runway but for Jewelry. When you make your account on their website you get to create a style profile and you are assigned a stylist who hand picks the pieces that you get each month. In addition, to that you get to create a wish list of pieces that you really like and the great stylists usually send you at least one piece from your wish list a month. Then when the month is over all you have to do is pack all the jewelry up back into the box they sent you and stick the return label that they provide you onto the box and send it back! Its that easy! Its honestly great if you are a type of person who wants to try out all the new and fun trends because you get something different each month. However, if you do end up falling in love with a piece you can also purchase it at a discounted price if you are a member. It is really great! What makes this even greater is that Rocksbox has given me a discount code for all of you beauties out there. Try it out for a month free just use "keeksxoxowhen you checkout! Then you can decide for yourself if you like it or not.

This month Rockbox sent me a Kendra Scott bracelet, Slate double rings and Perry Street earrings. All these pieces worked really well together and I had a ton of fun styling and shooting them. 

I paired the rings and bracelet together with a fun and whimsical dress (we all know how hot its been recently so this dress is perfect when you're sweating your face off but don't want people to know). The structure of the jewelry had a great contrast to the dress and they worked perfectly together. For the earrings I paired them with a simple black tank and some jeans, because they have so much character I wanted the to be the center of the outfit.

Baring the Blizzard: DC 2k16

So we are finally having a real winter and I couldn't be happier and there is snow everywhere!!! 

Today I got to walk around DC and take some photos and one of the best parts of snow is that no matter who you are or where you come from everyone can enjoy it. (and if you don't like snow you can leave now...) Every person I saw was happy and smiling, and playing in the snow it was really a great sight. I got to take a few photos on my walk and here they are so enjoy the snow while it is still snow and stay warm :)

Oh I also got photos of some dogs, I can never pass up a chance to play with adorable dogs.

it was awesome seeing people snowboard on the streets, just another way DC is the best

and of course the people who finally got use their snow blowers. They knew it would come in handy sooner or later.

The people who were actually prepared for our 1+ feet of snow

Oooo and of course all the awesome cross-country skiers.. they knew how to get around the right way

This little girl was adorable while her dad was helping her with her gloves

Also it seemed like the perfect time to grab a group of friends and check out the monuments while they were perfectly blanketed with snow

and of course all the pups!!!!

How to Sleep at a Rest Area overnight

During my trip I learned many valuable life lessons and one of them happened to be how to sleep at a Rest Area without getting robbed or any of that nasty stuff. Now I do not recommend doing this if you are traveling by yourself for good reasons. It is not the safest thing to do especially if you are a girl by yourself. Furthermore you will need a few things with you to sleep (relatively) comfortably in your car. The things you will need are:

  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Sleeping Mask

The sleeping bag is probably the most important especially if you are traveling during the winter. When you turn your car off it ends up getting very cold and you wont be able to sleep if you shivering all night. Now the baby wipes might seem like a weird thing however, if you are like me and my friend Sam, then you are very cheap and wont be staying at hotels every night. This means you wont be taking a lot of  showers on this trip and no one wants to be stuck in a car with a stinky person. So the baby wipes come in handy when you wake you can have yourself a baby wipe shower. It surprisingly works very well. However, I would not rely on baby wipes for longer then 5 days maybe 7. By then its time to just take a shower and book yourself a hostel. Now the sleeping mask is another thing that is great when your sleeping in a Rest Area because you should park under the lights to be safe. Then you can use your mask to help you sleep and make it dark no matter where you are. 

Now if you are with another person I also recommend sleeping in the front seats with the seat all the way reclined (that was the comfiest way we found). However, if you have the luxury of having a huge car or a mommy mobile then take the back seats out and make yourself a comfy bed!

Other then that the only thing I can say is don't be stupid and make sure you turn off your lights, take the key out of ignition and lock your car! Also if you have anything that is valuable with you I would cover it up or put it anywhere that you cannot see it from the outside. 

So those are my tips for you if you ever find yourself needing to sleep at a Rest Area for one or several nights!

Good Luck my Beautiful People and Happy Travels!

2016 Resolution

A New Years Resolution... Accountability.

This year my goal is to actually do everything that I say I am going to do. I seem to have gotten into a very bad habit of having a lot of dreams and then not actually making them a reality. (Hence me making this blog)

The idea is.... I am going to write on this blog at least once a week. In hope that I have at least one fun or interesting thing that I share with you all. This could consist of anything from cooking something fancy to going on a crazy hike to finding a new freckle. It doesn't have to be crazy but I want my life to at least be interesting enough that if it was a book people would actually want to read it.

So here is day 1:

We are off on a good start I am writing from a random hotel I found online when I googled "cheap hotels with free wifi" now I do not recommend doing that google search when looking for a place to sleep considering the hotel is kinda disgusting. I am not a very picky person considering I have been sleeping in my car at rest stops for the past 4 days. However, when there is a hair ball in the bed and a dead bug on the night stand I think I am justified for saying "ewwww". On the plus side though there is a shower and free wifi!!! WooHoo (considering I haven't showered in 3 days the shower and soap is very needed) 

So yeah this is Day 1 and here are the photos from New Orleans and what I did on the start of 2016!

Oh and i saw a sword swallower swallow 2 swards.. no big deal or anything

Oh and i saw a sword swallower swallow 2 swards.. no big deal or anything

This man asked me to take a picture of him and when I asked why he said, "Because I am Santa Claus" so needless to say I had to take the photo.

This man asked me to take a picture of him and when I asked why he said, "Because I am Santa Claus" so needless to say I had to take the photo.

There was this awesome band called St. Cinder and they were absolutely amazing! They had so much passion and their happiness was intoxicating. 

There was this awesome band called St. Cinder and they were absolutely amazing! They had so much passion and their happiness was intoxicating. 

New Orleans is truly a special place

New Orleans is truly a special place