Baring the Blizzard: DC 2k16

So we are finally having a real winter and I couldn't be happier and there is snow everywhere!!! 

Today I got to walk around DC and take some photos and one of the best parts of snow is that no matter who you are or where you come from everyone can enjoy it. (and if you don't like snow you can leave now...) Every person I saw was happy and smiling, and playing in the snow it was really a great sight. I got to take a few photos on my walk and here they are so enjoy the snow while it is still snow and stay warm :)

Oh I also got photos of some dogs, I can never pass up a chance to play with adorable dogs.

it was awesome seeing people snowboard on the streets, just another way DC is the best

and of course the people who finally got use their snow blowers. They knew it would come in handy sooner or later.

The people who were actually prepared for our 1+ feet of snow

Oooo and of course all the awesome cross-country skiers.. they knew how to get around the right way

This little girl was adorable while her dad was helping her with her gloves

Also it seemed like the perfect time to grab a group of friends and check out the monuments while they were perfectly blanketed with snow

and of course all the pups!!!!