How to Sleep at a Rest Area overnight

During my trip I learned many valuable life lessons and one of them happened to be how to sleep at a Rest Area without getting robbed or any of that nasty stuff. Now I do not recommend doing this if you are traveling by yourself for good reasons. It is not the safest thing to do especially if you are a girl by yourself. Furthermore you will need a few things with you to sleep (relatively) comfortably in your car. The things you will need are:

  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Sleeping Mask

The sleeping bag is probably the most important especially if you are traveling during the winter. When you turn your car off it ends up getting very cold and you wont be able to sleep if you shivering all night. Now the baby wipes might seem like a weird thing however, if you are like me and my friend Sam, then you are very cheap and wont be staying at hotels every night. This means you wont be taking a lot of  showers on this trip and no one wants to be stuck in a car with a stinky person. So the baby wipes come in handy when you wake you can have yourself a baby wipe shower. It surprisingly works very well. However, I would not rely on baby wipes for longer then 5 days maybe 7. By then its time to just take a shower and book yourself a hostel. Now the sleeping mask is another thing that is great when your sleeping in a Rest Area because you should park under the lights to be safe. Then you can use your mask to help you sleep and make it dark no matter where you are. 

Now if you are with another person I also recommend sleeping in the front seats with the seat all the way reclined (that was the comfiest way we found). However, if you have the luxury of having a huge car or a mommy mobile then take the back seats out and make yourself a comfy bed!

Other then that the only thing I can say is don't be stupid and make sure you turn off your lights, take the key out of ignition and lock your car! Also if you have anything that is valuable with you I would cover it up or put it anywhere that you cannot see it from the outside. 

So those are my tips for you if you ever find yourself needing to sleep at a Rest Area for one or several nights!

Good Luck my Beautiful People and Happy Travels!