Ireland for A Bit of Craic.

CRAIC = FUN, HANGING OUT, or just WHAT'S UP ( Irish slang is very different from American slang )

Now that we all know what craic means I must say... Ireland was all the craic! The country is beautiful and the people are lovely. The trip was fantastic and I cannot wait to go back.

TRAVEL TIME: June 24th - July 10th


DAY 1: Meet Sean and Paul (aka two awesome Irishmen), explore Bunraty Castle, Durty Nelly's Pub and then dinner at Bunraty Castle where there was amazing food and beautiful singing of Irish history

DAY 2: Drive to Killarney, cycle through the national park, walk to a waterfall inside the national park, watched the Ireland vs. France game at Murphy's pub

DAY 3: Horseback riding through the national park, walked the Dunlow Gap

DAY 4: Walked through Derrynane National park, explored the graveyard on Abbey Island, went seaweed foraging and had a seaweed feast

DAY 5: Drive to Dingle, Kayak along the coast and saw Fungi the dolphin, Dick Mack's Pub, This is also where we found out about the band Walking on Cars

DAY 6: Went on a very wet walk and explored the Dingle Whiskey Distillery

DAY 7: Cycled to a beach for a picnic

DAY 8: Drove to Cliffs of Moher, Then drove to the Burren, then drove to Dublin

DAY 9: Guiness Museum, Jameson Distillery,  Temple Bar, O'Niels Pub

DAY 10: Drive to find distant cousin (unsuccessful), drive to Galway, The Quay Pub

DAY 11: Aran Islands biked around

DAY 12: Fish and Chips place, Front Door Pub and met some awesome people > 2 Croatian guys, a guy from Chicago, a girl from Melbourne, another girl from Perth and an Irish and New Zealand lad. They were all awesome!

DAY 13: Aran Islands round 2 and biked the whole island

DAY 14: Bus to Dublin, Trinity College, met up with a amazing friend named Claudine, and she showed me around Dublin

DAY 15: Bus to Limerick, met up with Claudine's boyfriend Sean, walked around the University, grabbed lunch and met their friend Liam, went bowling, grabbed tea/coffee and cake at Ivans, Sean cooked an amazing vegetable curry dinner

DAY 16: Headed back to the USA :(